Modern Approach To Pest Management

Pests are generally unwanted creepers and crawlers that have the ability to destroy everything wherever they grow. If they grow on crops they damage them and if they grow at your home they cause infectious diseases to humans. We can say that directly or indirectly they affect human beings. So pest management is very very important.

Pest management is to keep a watch on the growth of pests. It includes various methods which start from pest inspection and ends with pest removal and pest control. Every method depends upon the type of pest present. Many new methods have been developed which replace the previous one with the introduction of new types of pests. In ancient times, only pesticides were used which eradicate pests to some extent but also affect crops sometimes. But now Integrated pest management IPM is used which combines traditional and modern techniques and generate new techniques which are:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fast results

Instead of these techniques, you cannot try DIY. It is very safe and effective if you take help from some professionals.

Identification Of The Presence Of Pest

Sometimes pests are big in size like rodents, so they can be visible from our eyes but if they are minute organisms that cannot be seen from naked eyes, we can identify their presence with their:

  • Dropping
  • Gnaw marks on packaging
  • Dead insects
  • Saliva 

These identification marks are different for different pests and sometimes they are particular for a particular pest. So if you hire an expert agency for removing pests they can easily identify the type of pest present and the process of its removal.

Latest Methods Of Pest Management

There are a number of methods that are available today and are very effective as compared to traditional ones. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Biological Control

This is the most advanced method to control pests and is widely used. It is a natural way to kill pests. In this method, bacteria are used and they are put on pest sites. They kill pests which is their natural behaviour. In this method, the task of killing pests is completed without disturbing their cycle. 

  1. Trap Cropping

It is a method to trap pests and is strategic in nature. In this process, a plant is used as a trap crop that has the ability to attract pests. So all the pests attract it leaving all the crops as it is.

  1. Insect Growth Regulators (IGR’s)

It is a non-toxic method to kill pests. For this, some insecticides are used which inhibit the growth of insect pests and protect us from their infestation. Sometimes they are also used in combination with other insecticides for killing highly infectious pests.

  1. Mechanical Pest Control 

There is a mechanical method of pest control. In this process, highly advanced equipment is used which removes pests from the plant and makes a partition between them. It is a highly used and recommended method.

  1. Use Of Biological Pesticides

These biological pesticides contain a substance called Pheromone which is highly effective against living pests. It does not harm the environment and human beings. So this method is widely used.

  1. Application Of Heat

This method is non-hazardous in nature and kills pests in a very easy way. In this method, pests are treated with the application of heat. Heat stops their physiological processes and breaks their life cycle. So after that, they are not able to grow and divide. Thus the result will be the end of their life.

  1. CRISPR Technology To Get Relief From Pests

It is the method that is trending today for controlling pests. This CRISPR acts as a gene changing tool that causes changes in the fertility behaviour of pests. Thus inhibits the process of division and stops their growth.

  1. Poisoned Baits

It is a dangerous trick but widely used. In this method, various types of poisons are used. They are mixed with food for pests that are present. When pests eat them, they get killed easily. But it is a risky method for other organisms. 

Get Assured Pest Protection With Experts

It is now confirmed that it is very important to do pest management for a healthy and safe environment. Some traditional methods and DIY methods are there but they have many disadvantages and some methods are outdated. So, if you want to take advantage of methods which are the latest in trends and discussed above, contact Pest Control Vaucluse, from where you can get a better response for service against all kinds of pest infestation. We are highly recommended by our customers because we are:

  • Providing fast results
  • Updated methods and equipment
  • Safe and eco-friendly service
  • Licensed and certified.

So, the modern approach to pest control and management has changed this industry a lot and all the changes are in the favour of homeowners and businesses.