A Complete Guide For Flea Control

Fleas are very small insects which are vectors in nature. Vector means the carrier of disease from animals to human beings. They can cause harmful diseases. They are also harmful for our pets because fleas eat the skin of our pet. These can also bite us which can cause swelling, redness with halos, hives and itching. These should be removed from the house in order to protect yourself and your pets. Always remember that if you ignore them as they are small then you would be making a great mistake in your life. Everyone should have complete guidance of flea control. So, there are many methods to control fleas but we are gonna discuss some of them.

A Complete Guide For Flea Control:-

Fleas are very small so it is impossible to catch them. So we have to use methods through which they get out of our house automatically. 

  1. Firstly we should notice that our pets are not scratching or itching too much because these fleas always enter our home through our pets. If we get our pets scratching or itching then we should take them to doctors. So that there is no chance of fleas spreading to our house. 
  2. Next we should cut out overgrown grasses from our garden as fleas can hide in it and can enter our houses. Pets always play in grasses through which they get fleas. So it is important to cut the grass. Always cut grass with a machine or tools so that fleas can not enter your body directly. Always remember to wash hands after doing garden work so that if there are any fleas on your hands then it can be removed. 
  3. You can also use salt to remove fleas from your house. Just sprinkle it on the fleas prone areas. This salt will dehydrate the fleas due to which they will die and when you use a vacuum cleaner you can see the effects. 
  4. We can use lemon sprays. We have to boil the lemons and pour boiled water in it. Through this you can make your spray. Apply it on fleas prone areas. Due to this fleas will stay out of your house. 
  5. Another is not a method, it is a tip, everyone should wash their mattress and sheets in hot and soapy water. Soapy water will kill larvae and eggs whereas hot water will kill fleas. By this tip we can remove both eggs and fleas from our house. Just always keep your house clean because it is the best natural way to remove all fleas. 
  6. Also you can use pesticides which can be brought from nearby shops. These pesticides are also very useful but use them at your own risk.


Fleas should be controlled to avoid infection and diseases but too much fleas can not be removed by a homeowner so we should call professionals or pest control services for pest removal which will ensure there are no fleas left out.